I’m Editor in Chief at Reviewed, part of the USA TODAY Network. I began as Managing Editor, and then Editor in Chief, of Reviewed’s ancient ancestor,, where I helped grow the company from a tiny start-up to one of the most influential online review sites.
In my many years at Reviewed, I’ve helped to launch over 20 product categories, written hundreds of articles, and grown the staff by many multiples of its original count. I’ve been to more trade shows than I can count and could probably draw a perfect map of the Las Vegas Convention Center, complete with lesser known entrances to the show floor, top food locations, and best places to get a cab, straight from memory.
I’ve written and edited too many articles to count. If you’re so inclined, you can see a slightly dated selection on my Contently page or in the samples below. Otherwise, see my author page at Reviewed.

CES 2015 Coverage
We sent our largest editorial team ever to CES 2015, producing hundreds of articles, dozens of videos, a 6-page USA TODAY special section, the official CES 2015 Editors’ Choice awards, and a full 18-hour cycle of live satellite TV hits.

Philips gives COPD patients a lifeline with new gadget635487463465618753-philips-copd-wearable
There are many wearable health-trackers on the market, but few manage to bridge the divide between personal and professional use. [USA TODAY]

Nest on Smart Homes, Their Nest Protect, and Privacy
While at IFA 2014 we interviewed the head of Nest’s Europe Product Labs about what the term “smart home” means, what product Nest is working on next, and how they can maintain their user’s privacy while being owned by Google. []

even as wearable tech readies for its day in the sun, the next wave is already on the horizon. And it promises to move us closer to a sci-fi future than anything we’ve seen so far. Implantable, also referred to as “embeddable,” technology refers to a class of objects that can be inserted directly into the human body to modify, enhance or heal… [USA TODAY]

CES-2014-HS-KIM-08-60924802-squareWord from Samsung: 4K ready to bust out, but OLED lags
When Samsung’s HS Kim speaks, the industry listens. As executive vice president of Visual Display Business, Kim has helped Samsung maintain its lead as the world’s best-selling brand of flat-panel TVs. sat down with Kim in Seoul last December… [USA TODAY]

Vestel-55-inch-3D-wall-squareWhat I Learned at IFA: Vestel Is Huge (And Americans Know Nothing About It)
Q: How can a company this large be virtually unknown in America? A: Because America is not the center of the universe. []

Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-wrist-squareSamsung’s Vision of the Future (of Your Wrist)
Tonight in Berlin, Samsung debuted the much-anticipated Galaxy Gear smart watch to a packed house at the Tempodrom. It’s difficult to say if it met all the wild and sundry expectations of the internet… []

Energy-Star-squareEnergy Star appliance ratings losing their shine
Since the creation of the Energy Star program 21 years ago, millions of home appliances have been granted the little blue sticker, and millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions have been prevented. But while… [USA TODAY]

The humble Edison light bulb has enjoyed a long lifespan, seeing only modest changes while technologies like television and radio have been drastically revised over time. But the familiar bulb’s long, uninterrupted reign could finally be under threat… [USA TODAY]

Miele-washer-exploded-frontpanel-squareExploded! The Insides of Appliances Revealed
Appliance makers remind us just how complex their modern machines are in these exploded views. Unfortunately, many people don’t think of appliances as being anything more than dumb boxes that heat, cool, wet, or dry…[]

Call it graphite, smoke, ash, charcoal, or even juniper berry. Call it gray or call it grey. But please don’t call it dull, because this neutral is au courant for designers all over America. Grey has long been fashionable in European homes, the hatching ground for so many trends that trickle their way into America…. []

The first generation of relatively affordable 4K TVs are hitting the market, which finally addresses the question we’ve all been asking: “What should I do with all this money in my pocket?” If you drop $4000+ dollars on a television, you should probably know what you’re buying… []

You know how you always dreamed of having a robot best friend, or a robot dog, or a robot maid, or a robot anything cool? Well, surprise, it’s 2013, and the world is full of robots… robot vacuums, that is… []

Just when we thought the dust was settling on new product announcements here at IFA Berlin, LG slipped in a late entry: a surprise debut of a brand new 77-inch curved 4K OLED television. It’s not exactly a finished product… []

Is there a problem with your TV, specifically the cable TV experience? The de facto response from certain segments of the population is a resounding “yes.” A more tech-literate audience has been eagerly craving something better ever since Apple began the rumor-manufacturing of the Apple Television, a product whose mythic fervor is perhaps matched only by a cold fusion generator or a perpetual motion machine… []

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